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My name is Sébastien Pochan.


I am originally from the Languedoc region of Southern France and I have been making wine for 3 decades. I moved to Healdsburg in 1995, worked at a few different wineries both in Napa and Sonoma counties. I was the winemaker at Unti Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley for 14 years and more recently have been in charge of the wine program at Front Porch Farm.  In addition, I have a growing roster of wine consulting clients.  During the slower winter and spring months, I try to get better at playing the accordion and enjoy wood turning and making furniture .

This little project started mainly because my friends Sam and Scott Bilbro (of Idlewild and Marietta fame) had a bit of Montepulciano they were willing to part with, a grape variety dear to me since my time at Unti where we grew a few acres. This could have simply turned into a harmless home winemaking experiment shared only with friends but I thought: Let's get legit and spend a couple grand on a proper license darn it!

So here I am, dipping my little toe into the cold waters of label ownership and wine sales. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a slow one for that matter, simply a way to share the fruits of that winemaking habit of mine which allows me to discover little vineyard gems and somehow build a bridge between my origins and this beautiful corner of the world I get to live in.

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