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2022 Rosé

Made with Mourvèdre and Syrah grown in the northernmost corner of the Russian river appellation by Front Porch farm, this wine is a reminder of my Languedocien origins where fruity as well as savory elements commingle in bright and complex rosés. Fermented by indigenous yeast and aged 5 monthsin stainless steel. 70 cases bottled.


2022 Grenache Blanc


Made with with grapes from the organically farmed vineyards of Front Porch Farm, this wine manages to be at the same time luscious and light footed. Aromas of honeydew melon, pomelo and magnolia blossoms are lovingly coupled with the crisp and rich mouthfeel.

The finish stays with you just like after a great movie when the credits roll and you  smile, sitting there until the end.

2020 Cabernet Franc

 My favorite rendition from this vineyard so far, this wine ticks all the boxes that make cab franc one the most satisfying wine to make and drink. That mix of fruity and earthy elements, brightness and depth; The silkiness and vibrant breadth of the mouthfeel that streches out into the distance. Woohoo! 59 cases produced.

2019 Cabernet Franc

The 2019 CABERNET FRANC hails from a diminutive quarter of an acre vineyard tucked against a volcanic rock hillside. Outgoing, friendly, certainly showing the fruity side of this variety without eschewing that faint herbaceous character from its Cabernet Sauvignon parentage. I call it my “yet” wine: Fleshy yet fresh, smooth yet structured, versatile yet complex. With a little digging, one can find hints of pink peppercorn, clove, licorice, blueberry, and magnolia blossom; a mix that straddles the line between western and eastern flavors, like a bridge over the Bosphorus. 48 cases produced.


2018 Montepulciano

The 2018 MONTEPULCIANO from the Fox hill vineyard in Mendocino is a little bear of a wine. Unsuccessfully trying to hide a warm heart and complex personality behind a bit of muscular posturing, it will shed the rough edge right away given the proper food accompaniment (bold flavors, grilled meat, southern Italian anything…). Full, big, juicy, showing white pepper and blackberry at the forefront, it takes a masculine (musk, tobacco flower, leather) turn in the long finish. The grainy tannins should take a more polished sheen in the next few years. 73 cases produced.



2018 Cabernet Franc

Juicy black cherry, savory hint of red pepper, musky je-ne-sais-quoi, this wine checks all the boxes of a solid and pure Cabernet Franc. From a tiny vineyard in the north-eastern part of the Russian River appellation, only 35 cases produced.


2015 Montepulciano

Only 3 cases left...

From grapes grown at 1300 feet elevation in the Yorkville Highland appelation of Mendocino county.

This wine shows the classic side of Montepulciano with bitter chocolate and dusty, tobaccoey notes. There is plenty of tannic structure here but the wine manages to stay light on its feet thanks to moderate alcohol and good acidity. Half of the grapes were wholecluster fermented which adds a bit of peppery complexity.

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